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Angel Card Reading

Amber Shanks 

Psychic Clairvoyant Fort Worth Dallas Metroplex 

Welcome I'm Amber Shanks. I am located 15 minutes North of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Check out my Angel Reading "5 star reviews" on google maps by clicking the "learn more" button below. I have been a psychic my entire life. I also work missing person, wrongful convictions, cold case.

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Angel Card Reading


What is an Angel Card Reading? In the bible the angels are defined as the messenger of God, so when we go to God he sends the angels to help. I use cards, charms and my intuition to give guidance that provide hope, protection, confirmation, advise, and support from your angels. The reading I do is with no information from you! 
Trust that God has a plan, and you were guided to me today, so I can help. You pray and then you come across this website, that's how God works! 
I use many decks, no limit including Oracle, Angel, Tarot, Healing, Love Cards... I also use Charms which are absolutely amazing!
We laugh, we cry...  I been so shocked how incredible the readings turn out! God bless you! Whoever reads this I have already prayed for you! I work for God! I ask God! Trust that God is guiding your steps because he is! Everything is working out beautifully even if you can't see it yet!

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Missing Person- Wrongful Conviction- Cold Case


God sees everything, and every event is recorded! God allows me to see the record .... of what really happened! It's like a video that plays back for that moment in time. In reality nothing can be hidden! The TRUTH can be revealed.

My Psychic Clairvoyant abilities are used to clear up WRONG INFORMATION. Here are a list I have worked:

- Child Abduction

- Missing Person

- Wrongful Conviction

- Cause of Death

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Amber has an incredible gift and a beautiful soul. She truly wants to help guide people and answer their questions. Her light shines brightly during readings! She has a love for angels, and she is one of them among us.

Cl G

Amber is incredibly gifted. I am constantly blown away by her insight and her ability to paint a completely accurate picture of my situation. Without a scrap of information, she always pulls exactly the right cards to show me...

Terra W.

Awesome and different from normal or what I have seen.

Sonia Z.

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"With God all things are Possible"

Mark 10:27

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